SadMan Software Search

SadMan Software Search 7.0

It allows you to search for logical combinations of up to two search strings
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SadMan Software Search is a tool that allows you to search for logical combinations (AND, OR or AND NOT) of up to two search strings.

Main Features:

- Can search using regular expressions.
- You can optionally see the lines from the files that matched the search criteria, and a configurable number of lines before and after the matched lines.
- You can find any files that match a wildcard file specification simply by omitting the search strings.
- You can specify a filter to only search files that are within a specific size range, or have a created, last modified or last accessed date within a specific range, or have specific file attributes.
- You can search within the results of a previous search, to "home-in" to the files of interest.
- You can see the results of a previous search via the history button.
- It can optionally recurse through subdirectories.
- Remembers your previous search criteria, so you don't have to keep re-entering information that you use frequently.
- You can easily edit a file from the result list, using the internal editor, an editor of your choice, or any application associated with that type of file. You can also drag files to another application.
- The names of the matched files can be copied to the Windows clipboard or saved to a text file.
- It can appear in the tool tray so that it is always ready for immediate use.

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